Class Glossary

The students will insert the words they think are most important in their field.

Each student should insert at least two words a week.

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Ecological, environmentally friendly


Ecology is the word that means the full scale of live. Since the smallest way of live like bacteries to a big animal. 


Is the fauna and flora in a place and the physical, chemical and biological characteristics where they live.


Ecotourism, also know as ecological tourism, are tourists activities that search to maintain the environment, culture and nature as in. In Ecotourism pursuit on to preserve natural spaces, improving the lives of local peoples possibly bring about change for sustainable development, but that does not endanger communities or the future of these.

educational tourism

to learn something new


The surroundings in which a plant or animal lives, which tend to influence its development and behaviour.



A short trip or outing to some place usually for a special purpose and with the intention of a prompt return.