Class Glossary

The students will insert the words they think are most important in their field.

Each student should insert at least two words a week.

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Jungle is a place where are a big diversity of tree, plants and animals that is untouched bybthe mans hand



kayaking is the way to cross about water courses in a kayak, usually with fast precursor. The vessel in kayaking is different from that in canoeing.



Is the person responsible for the planing of the day-to-day in an kind of business like a restaurant and that person manage a team of others employees of the business


building in which collections of rare objects are exhibited 


natural resources

natural resources are all environments, materials or forces of nature that had no human intervention

Nature tourism

Is the tourism in the nature, with activites in nature life.

New Tourism

This concept don`t mean a new kind of tourism. Is the concept that covers all forms of responsible tourism.



Is a way to convert garbage and waist into new and usable materials


Place where people regularly go for holidays.

Responsible tourism

Is the tourism was concerned about the impacts of tourism on a destination and seeks to maximise the positive impacts and minimise the negative impacts

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