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    Class 1:


    General information.

    Diagnosis Test.

    Class 2:

    General information about the English classes and evaluation.

    Introductory concepts and vocabulary:

    Exercises on the text An Introduction to travel and Tourism:

      • Reading comprehension
      • Matching words with definitions and examples
      • Multiple choice

    Listening comprehension exercises.

    Exercises on the text The Business of Tourism:

      • Completing a table with information from the text
      • Reading comprehension questions

    Class 3:

    Information about the evaluation elements.

    Definition of work and pair groups.

    Scheduling of evaluation moments:

    - Examinations: 23rd November, 14th December and 18th January

    - Group work presentations: 11th January

    - Pair work presentations: 25th January

    Oral skills: discussion about preferred holiday types, transportation, accommodation, leisure and entertainment.

    Exercise about jobs in Tourism:

    •  Matching words with pictures
    • Dividing jobs into categories
    • Discussion of the best jobs in the Tourism industry

    Reading comprehension exercise: It’s my job (Andrew Sharpe)

    Class 4:

    Correction of the assigned homework.

    Oral skills – discussion about:

    • The student’s working style (qualities and skills)
    • Qualities which are most important to some jobs in the Tourism industry
    • The three skills which are most important for a career in Tourism

    Listening comprehension exercises: jobs in Tourism.

    Grammar Focus: verbs + -ing form or the Infinitive.

    Use of English exercises: gap filling.

    Grammar focus: Present Simple and Present Continuous.

    Use of English exercises: describing job routines.

    Spelling exercises.

    Listening comprehension exercise: Pronunciation (number of syllables and strongest syllable).

    Vocabulary focus and exercise: Industry sectors.

    Class 5:

    Correction of the assigned homework.

    Definition of the Christmas song to perform: We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Writing exercise: "Which country would you like to visit and why? Do not forget to mention all the attractions you would like to see".

    Exercises on the language of Tourism:

    • Crossword & Gap Filling

    • Matching words to make typical combinations.

    Class 6:

    Correction of the assigned homework : Reading comprehension and Use of English Exercises (text: Footprints in the Sand of Time).

    Elaboration of a table with the key events of the following periods in the history of Tourism: ancient Greece; the Romans; early Christianity; 17th and 18th centuries; 19th century; post-World War Two.

    Reading comprehension exercise: The Pioneers of Tourism.

    Group work: Filling out charts with information about Thomas Cook, Freddie Laker and César Manrique.

    Class 7:

    Correction of the Mock Exam.


    Class 8:

    Reading comprehension exercise on the text Ecotourism:

    • Matching titles with paragraphs
    • True or False

    Vocabulary exercise: definition of words related to Ecotourism.

    Quizz: Are you a good tourist?

    • Individual answers
    • Matching answers with the questions
    • Oral skills - discussion

    Listening comprehension and vocabulary exercise: Ecotourism in the Maldives.

    Reading comprehension (Ecotourism in the Maldives):

    • Matching paragraphs with images
    • Filling out of a table: Ecotourism in different countries/regions

    Class 9:

    Correction of the Examination.

    Supervised research for the assignment about Ecotourism in different Portuguese regions.

    Rehearsal of the Christmas song to perform: We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Class 10:

    Responsible Tourism: Introductory concepts.

    Oral skills - considering environmental issues:

    • discussion of the negative impacts of tourism on the following: historic sites; beaches and the coastline; the countryside; wildlife; and the host community's culture.
    • discussion of the innitiatives already in place to counteract some of those adverse effects.

    Reading comprehension exercises: Safe tourism

    Class 11:

    Correction of the Mock Exam.


    Class 12:

    Group assignments: presentation and discussion.

    Class 13:

    Oral skills: Holidays with a difference.

    Matching imagens with programmes:

    • Adventure and action
    • Ecotourism and nature
    • Escape and Enlightenment
    • Culture and Heritage.

    Putting different Holidays with a difference into categories.

    Oral skills: discussing alternative holidays in Portugal

    Making compound names to create words related to Ecotourism.

    Reading comprehension execises about KE Adventure Travel.

    Class 14:

    Pair assignments: presentation and discussion.

    Oral skills: what do we know about Antarctica?

    Reading comprehension exercises: Tourism in Antarctica.

    Cultural differences: Dos and don’ts in Mongolia.

    Cultural differences: Dos and don’ts in Portugal.

    Class 15:

    Correction of the Mock Exam.


    Final remarks.

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